Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Acrobats on the Empire State Building by Otto Bettman

.....No, this is not trick photography. Those acrobats really did perform one of their routines on the edge of the Empire State building in NYC. 1,250 ft (381 m) high above the ground!

Bettman took lots of very famous pictures that have become historical images thus far. After JKF's assasination in 1963 little JFK, Jr. was photographed saluting his father's coffin as he was taken to his final burial place. That is just one more example of Bettman's moving photographs.

His work rarely mentions his full name. Usually the only name of the artist given is "Bettman Archive," which is what his entire collected work is known as.

Unfortunately Bill Gates bought the entire archive of Bettman's work and we will probably never even see the bulk of his work, even as prints. This is because, shockingly, all of his work has been buried under more than 200 ft. of limestone. Supposedly to preserve all 100 million+ images.

If you're interested in knowing why, read this and this. Very interesting!


Blogger actonbell said...

Bill Gates? Hmmm. That reminds me of the fact that David Copperfield bought the famous Mulholland Collection (of magic books, etc) because he COULD. Some of this stuff is truly wonderful: He owns Houdini's correspondence with other magicians, his water chamber and metamorphosis trunk, and some of the oldest magic books on earth. It's all in a warehouse in the middle of the Mojave Desert, near Las Vegas. Oh! and the automatons....

10/14/2005 7:14 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man on the right is my grandfather who passed away in 2002 (Frank Kirigin). They performed as the "Three Jacksons." It IS a beautiful shot and he was always so proud of this stunt. Thanks for posting it!

7/29/2012 4:03 PM  

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