Sunday, September 25, 2005

Erwart Tung by Ludwig Angerer der Ältere

Ludwig Angerer der Ältere is known in Europe as "Angerer the Elder" and a source calls him, "one of Europe's most famous painters."

I chose to post this particular piece because it's a reflection of my own Spanish heritage and the large part bulls play in our culture, in-cluding matadors and the running of the bulls- both traditions I am not exactly proud of.

Angerer's surrealist work is normally created using an oil medium and airbrushes to give his pieces a dream-like effect. You can view a handful of his incredible pieces here.


Blogger actonbell said...

That's a powerful picture--when I get home from work, I'll make sure to check out more of his stuff.
Thank you for the Spanish tip--it would be truly wonderful to know Spanish, since it's a language we encounter all the time!
About the bull fighting: I agree that it's brutal, but it has a very rich history.

9/27/2005 3:26 AM  
Blogger actonbell said...

The Mona Lisa II is so intriguing, but I'm not sure how to interpret it. They'll all beautiful.

9/27/2005 3:32 PM  
Blogger sweet pinkette said...

I was considering Mona Lisa II as well. I have to say, honetly, I like it better than the original, visually.

9/27/2005 7:04 PM  

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