Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bone Head by Robert Craig

Looks sort-of like a photograph, but it isn't. This is actually acrylic on paper. As you can probably decipher, the subject is the skull of Mickey Mouse with a flesh-coloured Band-Aid placed on the side of his head.

I share a birthday with Walt Disney and it was because of this that I was overshowered with Mickey Mouse gifts as a tot. As a result Mickey has a place reserved in my heart. I've posted work with Mister Mickey as the subject before.

You can see more of Robert Craig's incredible work here.


Blogger kev said...

I have to be honest, at first glance I thought it was a sculpture. But then I started looking at the shadowing a little closer and realized it was a painting! Very cool indeed.

I used to have quite a few Mickey Mouses when I was a tadpole. One was a big plush which I used to huggle in my bed at night:)

1/25/2006 10:49 AM  

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